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New Quantum Enterprise Deduplication Appliance Raises the Bar With Best-in-Class Density and Quadrupled Performance
Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:26:36 AM

DXi6900-S Integrates SSD and Industry-First 8TB HDD Technologies for Leap in Data Center Efficiency

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Quantum Corp. (NYSE: QTM) today announced a new model in the DXi6900 series that has twice the density and quadruple the sustained performance of the current DXi6900. The DXi6900-S is the first deduplication appliance to incorporate 8TB self-encrypting drives, delivering the highest density backup available today — up to 544 useable TB in 18U of rack space. It is also significantly more efficient than other deduplication appliances, consuming 50 percent less power than competitive offerings. The DXi6900-S is designed for large, multi-site data protection environments, where customers are addressing the challenges posed by the latest software and data requirements. The new appliance enables customers to shrink backup windows and speed restore SLAs while reducing the hardware footprint, power and cooling in their data centers.

First Deduplication Appliance to Use 8TB HDDs

By incorporating 8TB HDDs, the DXi6900-S delivers at least 50 percent greater density than any other deduplication appliance on the market. This enables customers to not only reduce the physical footprint of their data protection solutions but also achieve a 50 percent power reduction versus competing deduplication appliances.

The DXi6900-S scales from 34TB to 544TB of useable capacity and, at its maximum configuration, occupies just 18U of rack space. At a typical 20:1 deduplication ratio, this 18U configuration provides over 10PB of logical storage.

SSD Technology Yields 4X Performance Boost

The newly designed DXi6900-S node integrates the latest SSD technology to provide metadata storage and access. As a result, it dramatically speeds ingest, read, replication and space reclamation performance, enabling customers to complete all these tasks several times faster than with previous DXi® systems and numerous competitive products.

Unique DXi Software Capabilities

Powered by Quantum's StorNext® File System, the DXi6900-S yields consistently fast ingest and replication performance, even while utilizing fewer large-capacity physical hard drives. DXi software also incorporates Dynamic Disk Pooling (DDP), a unique technology that is significantly more efficient than RAID for rebuilding hard drives, providing the benefits of the 8TB HDDs without sacrificing performance or availability.

New Software Features for Large Enterprises

The latest version of Quantum's DXi software integrates with a new plug-in for Oracle RMAN, enabling reduced network traffic and higher performance. The combined solution can complete full backups in a fraction of the time typically needed and makes multiple image backups available to the Oracle Database Appliance.

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