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Introducing New DXi Backup Appliances
Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:49:37 AM

We’re excited to be introducing our newest backup appliances: The DXi9000 and DXi4800.

Our Enterprise backup customers continue to be focused on faster and faster backups and restores, as well as reducing rack space, reducing power and cooling – in other words reducing the “footprint” associated with their backup infrastructure.

We’ve taken that input and created the most efficient backup appliances we’ve ever created. The DXi9000 is the first deduplication appliance to use 12TB HDDs – which means it can store and protect PBs of data with less spindles than the other guys, and less power and cooling.

Not only that, but the DXi9000 also has an option of a high density 4U-60 drive chassis option. The combination of the 4U/60 drive chassis, and using 12TB HDDs, means the DXi9000 provides the best density of any backup appliance on the planet.

Our customers are upgrading to DXi9000 systems already because they can (1) gain back data center space, (2) reduce power and cooling, and (3) continue to protect their growing database and virtual environments with ultra-fast backups and restores.

And for customers that require remote site protection, or for smaller environments, the new DXi4800 has many of the same properties as the DXi9000. The DXi4800 now uses SSDs in the node to speed up every aspect of backup operations – ingest, replication, restores, and space reclamation – and is the first backup appliance in its class to use 8TB HDDs.

Like the DXi9000, our mid-market customers are upgrading to the DXi4800 to gain back rack space, reduce power and cooling, and provide ultra fast back ups and restores for their environments.

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