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Introducing H2000 Series: High Performance for Dynamic Workloads
Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 12:30:22 PM

The past 10 months have highlighted the importance of technology in our everyday life and our economy. We greatly rely on technical innovation to push us forward, enable us to achieve greater discovering, deliver services and information faster, and achieve results with effectiveness and economy. The introduction of the H2000 Series is another step in Quantum’s journey to bring innovative solutions to unstructured data applications.

The H2000 Series are hybrid storage arrays that provide enterprises, studios, and broadcasters with cost-effective performance, ease-of-use, and scalability for data-intensive workloads. Designed to increase productivity, accelerate workflows, the H2000 storage arrays are tightly integrated with the StorNext File System – maximizing performance and making them ideal for M&E post-production, corporate video, high-performance computing, and video surveillance.

High Performance for Dynamic Workloads

H2000 series have been optimized for StorNext environments providing maximum throughput and sequential I/O performance per every dollar spent for accelerated media production workflows, giving enterprises, studios, and broadcasters a competitive edge. The H2000 Series can be configured with high-performance SSD storage or high-capacity HDD storage, and with either fiber channel or Ethernet connectivity to meet the needs of any environment.

In essence, the H2000 Series storage arrays provide:

  • High performance for unstructured data workloads
  • Highest availability for sustained access
  • Highly flexible for optimal performance
  • Based on latest generation hardware for future growth
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