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Quantum Create a Corporate Video Archive
Manage Corporate Video More Effectively with the Right Storage Infrastructure


As video becomes a more important part of corporate assets, how can companies develop a storage infrastructure to manage these critical resources more easily and economically?

Keeping Up with the Growth in Corporate Video

Trying to apply traditional storage and backup procedures to unstructured data is creating major headaches for organizations with significant amounts of image and video data in their IT mix. And as this data increases in volume, systems easily reach the breaking point. Catalogs grow too large. Backups can’t be completed on time. Workflow becomes complex. And backup apps can’t communicate with media asset managers. All this leaves IT departments struggling to manage and protect these key assets.

A Better Approach for Video Workflow

As a company with roots in large-scale video and broadcast applications, Quantum understands how to help companies apply the right technology to the problem of managing fast-growing graphic files. For unstructured data, Quantum’s StorNext® eliminates data volume problems by giving users a multi-tier digital asset solution that simplifies workflow, integrates with leading asset managers, and protects data automatically without relying on backup by moving data between storage tiers—while keeping it all available for fast access and re-use.

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Use Case

Major Sporting Goods Supplier Streamlines Workflow For Digital Assets, Creates Dedicated Archive

Major Sporting Goods Supplier Streamlines Workflow For Digital Assets, Creates Dedicated Archive

This example shows how a major clothing and sporting goods manufacturer solved their backup problems, protected their digital assets, and streamlined their workflow. Digital assets had grown so large they were keeping system-wide backups from completing, and the app they had used both for backup and archive couldn’t scale to meet demands. Rejecting disk-only solutions, the company created a separate archive system for digital assets, installing a StorNext Appliance, StorNext Disk and upgrading their Scalar® library with StorNext Storage Manager. Now the backups are smaller so they complete on time, and the archive system stores all digital assets, creates copies for off-site storage automatically, and works with their Cantemo media asset manager to simplify workflow for the creative team.

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