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Quantum Powering the Cloud
Service Providers Rely on Quantum


As the IT Cloud Services market continues to explode, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) need to differentiate themselves to stand out in the market. They need scalable technology that enables advanced services, and a partner who understands their business.

Quantum works everyday with MSPs around the globe to provide solutions to expand revenue and stand out from the crowd. Quantum technology provides a foundation for delivering services that provide the lowest cost per GB, enabling the MSP to grow their customer base and profitability. The ability to integrate high performance and scalable disk-based backup with low-cost tape for long-term cold storage propels MSPs to profitability and greater customer adoption. Comprehensive and intuitive, iLayer™ management and Vision® monitoring and reporting enable the IT Admin staff to have predictable, proactive monitoring capabilities and allow them to focus on more strategic projects. All this combined enables truly customizable solutions with the lowest OPEX in the industry, allowing MSPs to put focus back into their customers and profitability.

Service Provider Solutions are ideal for:

Use Case #1: Enterprise Service Providers

Enterprise Service Providers

Use Case #2: Powered By Quantum Service Provider Program

Powered By Quantum Service Provider Program

Business Benefits

Expand Your Cloud Portfolio
Quantum offers a unique program to capture your share of the growing online backup market with easy-to-deploy virtual deduplication technology, pre-packaged collateral that makes it easy to brand and market your services, and a unique subscription pricing for pennies per GB per month that minimizes upfront capital risk.
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Help Customers Move More Data
Deduplication is no longer just about protecting data, it’s also about moving data. It is the best approach to replicate TBs of backups in the cloud with low bandwidth requirements. Quantum’s patented technology has the highest data reduction rate, minimizing customer’s bandwidth requirements and cloud footprint.

Simplify Management
Managing all your customers across various technologies is simplified in a single view console to facilitate SLA management and add value to your customer reporting, and is even available for your smartphone.
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Be Proactive
Proactive health checks constantly monitor all your Quantum solutions, reducing downtime and service repair times. Automatically migrate potentially compromised data to ensure the long-term viability of your customers' data.
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Be Open
Build customized, flexible solutions today and tomorrow for your customers with proven integration with all major applications, open standards supporting VTL, NAS (NFS, CIFS), OST, and HTTP REST and tiered storage for end-to-end data lifecycle management.

Drive More Value
Quantum technologies and solutions come with the fastest ROI, lowest management and lowest TCO in the industry, delivering higher profit and happier customers.