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Making Encrypted Security Part of Your Data Protection is Easy and Affordable


Data security is one of the most pressing issues facing organizations today. Unauthorized access to personal information belonging to employees or customers—Social Security numbers, health records, financial information, even birth dates—can be devastating both to the individuals involved and the company holding the data.

The problem is immense—more than 260 million records have been lost since 2005—and industries, states, and nations have responded by requiring that companies stringently follow best practices for security, including encryption of data. And the costs associated with data breaches are increasing. According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, data breaches now cost organizations an average of $200+ per compromised customer record.

One of the challenges for companies is that products aimed at securing their primary data often don’t work for data sets that are out of their direct control—backup and DR data are especially vulnerable. But encryption solutions can be complex, and can also have some negative implications to data protection strategies, including performance impact.

Quantum’s Perspective

Quantum recommends that IT departments include data encryption as part of their core protection strategy, and can help you integrate the technology easily and cost-effectively into your existing backup, recovery, and archive processes.

End-to-end security solutions help organizations:

Data Encryption Diagram

Solution Details

Quantum’s encryption approach features compliance with the most stringent international regulatory and interoperability standards, including FIPS 140-2 (Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2) for data and KMIP (Key Management Interoperability Protocol) and IEEE1619.1 for key management. And because they leverage standards-based, integrated technology and include centralized management, Quantum’s encryption solutions preserve maximum performance, keep costs low, and minimize administrative overhead. Secure all protected data whether it is at rest on local or remote disk backup systems, being transmitted over networks during replication, or stored in tape libraries or on remote DR tapes.

Encryption for DXi Deduplication Series

The DXi®-Series of deduplication appliances supports a variety of security features including:

Encryption For Scalar Tape Libraries

Scalar® libraries support LTO-based tape encryption and a variety of key management options:

Quantum data protection products all provide Login-Based Access Control, and also provide other means of access control such as preventing unintended hosts from having access to specific devices on the SAN.