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Quantum QXS-6 Hybrid Storage
Extreme high-performance storage

Quantum QXS-6 Hybrid Storage

Quantum Products
Quantum QXS-6 Hybrid Storage
Model QXS-648 With Forty-Eight 2.5” Drives
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Model QXS-656 With Fifty-Six 3.5” Drives
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The QXS™-6 hybrid storage series features Q-Tier, Q-Tools, Q-Turbo, high-capacity drives, and nextgeneration host connection speeds.

The QXS-6 Series offer greater data security, faster throughput, and substantial business benefits for markets that demand extremely high-bandwidth performance, such as telecommunications, cloud service providers, big data analytics, and digital image archiving. Utilizing Q-Turbo, QXS-6 Series deliver 2X performance for parallel file systems, such as Lustre or GPFS that require high throughput for ingest-intensive applications.

Q-Tier offers a range of performance options including I/O enhanced with read-cache and automatic real-time SSD Tiering. The QXS-6 Series with Q-Tier delivers a truly responsive and affordable storage infrastructure to support users, applications, and servers.

Q-Tier has a unique dynamic heuristic algorithm that enables tiering of data, promoting active workloads to the fastest tier every five seconds with no performance penalty. This provides the most-needed data with the highest I/O possible.

The QXS-6 Series deliver up to 250,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS), sustained sequential read performance of up to 12,000MB/second, and writes of up to 5700MB/second.

Acquiring a storage system that had the performance needed was very expensive and often very difficult to manage.

Manageability is a cornerstone of the QXS-6 Series. Q-Tools includes:

  1. Thin Provisioning
  2. Automatic Pooling
  3. Quick – provides an accelerated rebuild operation as only the sectors that contain actual data are rebuilt, resulting in up to five times faster restoration.
  4. Q-Turbo – simultaneously writes to both controllers, increasing performance by 50%.

Other optional management tools are:

  1. Q-Snap – redirect on write snapshots (pointers).
  2. Q-Replication – asynchronous replication.
  3. Q-Copy – snapshots.

The QXS-6 series arrays are easy to manage with the Storage Management Console. You can manage all array functions without the need for host-based software, including the Management Console that saves time with configuration and installation wizards, schedulers, and the administration of Q-Tools data protection software.

These models support the following host connection types: 8Gb Fibre Channel, 16Gb Fibre Channel, 12Gb SAS, 1Gb iSCSI, or 10Gb iSCSI.

Model QXS-648 (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SAS)
With Forty-Eight 2.5” Drives
Drives per array Up to 48 (SSD, SAS, 15K, 7K, Encrypted)
Max capacity per chassis 96TB
Expanded Capacity 348TB
Read 12GB/s
Write 5.7GB/s
Depth (excluding cable) 30.6in/77.724cm
Height 3.5in/8.9cm
Width 17.6in/44.7cm
Chassis weight 48lb/21.8kg
Chassis weight with drives 74.9lb/34kg
Model QXS-656 (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SAS)
With Fifty-Six 3.5” Drives
Drives per array Up to 56 (SSD, SAS, 15K, 7K, Encrypted)
Max capacity per chassis 448TB
Expanded Capacity 1.9PB
Read 12GB/s
Write 5.7GB/s
Depth (excluding cable) 32.9in/83.56cm
Height 7in/17.8cm
Width 17.6in/44.7cm
Chassis weight 105lb/47.6kg
Chassis weight with drives 193lb/89.9kg


QXS Architecture

QXS-4 Series

Best-in-class Reliability And High Availability

  • Dual RAID Controller (Active/Active)
  • „2 Ports per Controller for maximum value
  • „Flexible Interface Options (CNC)
  • „8Gb/16Gb FC or 1/10Gb iSCSI
  • „Easy to Set Up and Use with the RAIDar 2.0 user interface
  • „Support HDD and SSD Options
  • „Available with DC Power
  • „Scale to 96 Drives (SFF) - 3 Expansion JBODs
  • „Scales up to 384TB
  • „NEBS-compliant for Telco
  • „MIL-STD-810F/G
  • 2U12, 2U24
  • Interface options per system
    • - CNC: 4 x 8Gb/16Gb FC or
    • - CNC: 4 x 10Gb iSCSI
  • 40K Read IOPS
  • 3300 MBps Read
  • 2400 MBps Write
Patented Technology
  • EcoStor™: Battery-free protection
  • Cache: Low-latency cache mirroring

QXS-4 Series

Best-in-class Price/performance

  • Increased Bandwidth & 4 ports per controller
  • „ Hybrid Interface with 16G FC & 10G iSCSI
  • „ Future-Proof for next-gen host interconnect
  • „ Data Management Services (DMS) Support
  • „ WIN 2012, SMI-S Support
  • „ Full Drive Encryption Capable
  • „ Scale to 1.9PB
  • „ NEBS-compliant for Telco
  • „ MIL-STD-810F/G


  • 2U12, 4U56 LFF
  • 2U24, 2U48 SFF
  • Interface options per system
    • - CNC: 8 x 4Gb/8Gb/16Gb FC or
    • - CNC: 8 x 1Gb/10Gb iSCSI or
    • - 8 x 12Gb SAS or
    • - CNC Hybrid: 4 x iSCSI + 4 x FC


  • 100K Read IOPS
  • 6400 MBps Read
  • 5300 MBps Write

Patented Technology

  • EcoStor™: Battery-free protection
  • Cache: Low-latency cache mirroring

QXS-6 Series

High Performance

  • Increased Bandwidth & 4 ports per controller
  • „Hybrid Interface with 16G FC & 10G iSCSI
  • „Future-Proof for next-gen host interconnect
  • „Data Management Services (DMS) Support
  • „WIN 2012, SMI-S Support
  • „Full Drive Encryption Capable
  • „Scale to 1.9PB
  • „NEBS-compliant for Telco
  • „MIL-STD-810F/G


  • 4U56 LFF
  • 2U48 SFF
  • Interface options per system
    • - 8 x 12Gb SAS or
    • - CNC Hybrid: 4 x iSCSI + 4 x FC


  • 200K Read IOPS
  • 12000 MBps Read
  • 5700 MBps Write

Patented Technology

  • EcoStor™: Battery-free protection
  • Cache: Low-latency cache mirroring


QXS-6 Hybrid Storage Technical Specifications
External Ports 4 per controller/8 maximum
Fibre Channel
Host Speed 16Gb, 8Gb Fibre Channel
Interface Type SFP+
iSCSI Models
Initiators 10Gb NIC or 1Gb, 10Gb iSCSI
Interface Type SFP+
Initiators 12Gb, 6Gb, SAS 3.0 (Serial-attached SCSI)
Interface Type Mini-SAS HD
Drive Support
QXS-424, 448 SAS, Nearline SAS, SSD
QXS-412, 456 Nearline SAS
Expansion Ebods
x12ES (6Gb) (1 RAID, 3 EBOD), 48 Drives
x24ES (6Gb) (1 RAID, 3 EBODs), 96 Drives
x48ES (6Gb) (1 RAID, 7 EBODs) or 248 Drives
x56ES (6Gb) (1RAID, 3 EBODs) or 248 Drives
High-availability Features
Redundant Hot-Swap Controllers
Redundant Hot-Swap Disk, Fans, Power
Dual Power Cords
Hot Standby Spare
Automatic Failover
Multi-Path Support
Protocols And Standards
IP (RFC, 984, 1092) SCSI-2 and SCSI-3
OpenStack Cinder compatible
Standard Software Warranty Includes 30 days of 5x9 telephone and email software support
Standard Hardware Warranty Three-year next business day parts replacement. Replacement item shipment targeted for next business day. Customer will perform the replacement and return of the failed item. Parts replacement service available 5x9 via telephone or email.
Levels Supported 0,1,3,5,6,10, and 50
System Configuration
Cache Memory 20GB per controller
Virtual Disks per System 32
Volumes per System 1024
Mirrored Cache Yes – Q-Turbo
Super Capacitor Cache Backup Yes
Cache Backup to Flash Yes – Non-volatile
Interface Types 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Mini USB
Protocols Supported SNMP, SSL, SSH, SMTP, SMI-S Provider, HTTP(s)
Management Software Q-Tools
Remote Diagnostics
Non-Disruptive Updates
Volume Expansion
Compliance And Standards
NEBS Level3, MIL-SPEC 810G
IP (RFC, 894, 1092), SCSI-2 and SCSI-3
Power Requirements – AC Input
Input Power Requirements 100-240VAC 50/60Hz – QX648
200-240V 50/60Hz, 5-5A (1220W) – QXS-656
Max Input Power 640W maximum continuous – QXS-648
1200W maximum continuous – QXS-656
Heat Dissipation 2245BTUs/hour – QXS-648
4095BTUs/hour – QXS-656
QXS-648 Gold Rated – High Efficiency
75 percent @ 10 percent load
88 percent @ 20 percent load
92 percent @ 50 percent load
88 percent @ 100 percent load
QXS-656 Platinum Rated – High Efficiency
82 percent @ 10 percent load
90 percent @ 20 percent load
94 percent @ 50 percent load
91 percent @ 100 percent load
Power Requirements – DC Input
Voltage -48 to -60VDC, at 25-20A (1200W)
Max Input Power 1200W maximum continuous
Heat Dissipation 4095BTUs/hour – QXS-656
Temperature And Humidity Ranges
Operating Temperature 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)
Shipping Temperature -23°F to 158°F (-5°C to 70°C) – QXS-648
-40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C) – QXS-656
Note: Derate 2°C for every km, up to 3000 meters
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% RH @ 104°F (40°C), non-condensing
Non-Operating Humidity Up to 93% RH @ 104°F (40°C), non-condensing
Declared Acoustic Noise Levels
Sound Power LWAd=6,75 B – QXS-648
LWAd < 78 dBA @ 27°C – QXS-656
Sound Pressure LpAm-55dBA
Shock And Vibration
Shock, Operational 3Gs for 11ms, half sine
5 pulses each direction, rail-mounted QXS-648
3Gs for 11ms – QXS-656
Shock, Non-Operational 10Gs for 11ms, half sine
1” drop to hard unyielding surface per NEBS
GR-63-CORE Unpackaged Equipment Shock Criteria (4.3.2)
Vibration, Operation 5Hz to 500Hz, 0.14 Grms flat spectrum – QXS-648
5Hz to 500Hz, 0.1436 Grms flat spectrum – QXS-656
Vibration, Non-Operational 3-365-3Hz, 1.22 Grms, Z-axis, 0.85 Grms, X- & Y-axis shaped spectrum
Safety UL 60950-1, 2nd edition (United States)
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.60950-1 2nd edition (Canada)
EN 60950-1 (European Union)
IEC 60950-1 (International)
EN 60950-1 (GS Mark, Germany)
CCC Mark (China PRC)
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Emissions CFR47 Par 15 Subpart B Class A (United States)
ICES-003 Class A (Canada)
EN 55022 Class A (EU)
EN 300 386 Class A (EU Telco)
AS/NZS CISPR 22 Class A (Australia, New Zealand)
VCCI Class A (Japan)
GOST R 51318.22 Class A (Russia)
KN 22 Class A (S. Korea)
CMS 13438 Class A (Taiwan)
Harmonics EN 61000-3-2 (EU)
Flicker EN 61000-3-3 (EU)
Immunity EN 55024 (EU)
EN 300 386 (EU Telco)
GOST R 51318.24 (Russia)
KN 24 (S. Korea)
RoHS and WEEE RoHS-6/6 Compliance, China RoHS, WEEE
Country Approvals United States, Canada, European Union (EU), Australia/ New Zealand, Japan, China (PRC), Russia, Mexico, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, India


Download the Quantum QXS-6 Hybrid Storage Datasheet (PDF).


Quantum Products
Quantum QXS-6 Hybrid Storage
Model QXS-648 With Forty-Eight 2.5” Drives
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Model QXS-656 With Fifty-Six 3.5” Drives
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