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Quantum DXi-Series Software
Performance. Intelligence. Simplicity. Designed for the modern datacenter


Combined with StorNext® 5 high-performance file system, variable-length deduplication, built-in intelligence with iLayer™ Management for DXi® and efficient replication, customers can realize their data protection goals. Quantum DXi’s Software delivers the most efficient deduplication algorithm, high-performance file system with tuned optimized storage, and the most comprehensive management suite available. Combined, the Quantum DXi Software stack provides customers with the greatest reduction in disk resources, highest performance and broadest scale in a single system, and management capabilities designed to reduce overall management time and expenses.

DXi software

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What makes the DXi unique? Intelligent, performance-driven software that optimizes your storage, increases your team’s productivity, reduces downtime, and provides unique features you won’t find anywhere else – like integrated management, replication schedulers, and...

...StorNext 5 File System

Improve backup and restore times

StorNext 5 is the world’s most powerful file system and is at the heart of the DXi. Built from the ground up to natively support flash technologies and handle up to 5 billion streaming files, StorNext 5 combined with DXi provides the fastest ingest performance regardless of capacity points of the system. Inside architecture of the DXi with StorNext 5 allows for unique capabilities such as separating the metadata and content data with metadata residing on high-IOPS-based disk for faster operations and the content data residing on slower SATA disk arrays.

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...iLayer Management, Reporting and Diagnostics

Improve it staff productivity

iLayer is about intelligence built into every DXi. iLayer is all about: reducing backup management time with intuitive management and configuration wizards; and improving backup storage reliability with proactive diagnostics, advanced reporting and in-depth monitoring. Ultimately, iLayer reduces operational and management expenses related to backup and enables precise business planning and decision making.

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...Variable-Length Deduplication

Maximize disk storage

Quantum's patented variable-length deduplication maximizes data reduction with as high as a 90% reduction in data stored. Variable-length deduplication in a purpose-built backup appliance delivers as much as a 3x greater data reduction than fixed or variable block.

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...DXi Replication

Protect data across sites and to the cloud

With DXi replication, only changed blocks are replicated, minimizing WAN connectivity and storage requirements at a remote location. When replication automatically begins in a continuous fashion, DXi will create two types of data to move; the blocks that are not present on the target DXi and namespace (metadata) are all compressed and designed to recreate the data when needed. Bandwidth throttling of the replication can be done using the system-wide Scheduler—all done via step-by-step wizards.

...DXi Accent Hybrid Deduplication

Reduce network load with distributed deduplication

DXi Accentâ„¢ enables a hybrid or collaborative approach to deduplication, combining the best features of both target and source-based systems. DXi Accent uses variable-length deduplication for the most effective data reduction, and it takes advantage of purpose-built DXi appliances for scalability, performance, and ease of integration, but it moves a portion of the deduplication process to the backup server so that only unique blocks are transmitted to the target appliance. This system, which leverages many of the underlying functionalities of the DXi replication, allows DXi Accent to accelerate backups where network bandwidth is the limiting factor, while limiting the impact on the backup server and maintaining DXi features that integrate deduplication effectively into the larger data protection environment.

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...Dynamic Disk Pooling (DDP)

Comprehensive data and system integrity

The DXi family offers a uniquely integrated approach to provide iron-clad data integrity, by combining data integrity checking and validation processes at the physical hardware level, the file system level, the overall solution level, and through Quantum’s innovative automated monitoring software that ties all the pieces together. DXi systems leverage the latest and most powerful redundancy technologies, including dynamic disk pooling (DDP), T10PI, designed to detect and correct any potential corruption during reads or writes to disk. DDP provides RAID-like levels of protection, but it works in stripe groups that span multiple drives providing full protection and fast recovery, even for systems built on very high-capacity drives.

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...Vision Management

Centralized management & monitoring

Vision® software simplifies multi-site data protection by providing global management of Quantum disk and tape systems through a single console, using at-a-glance status and automatically generated alerts and reporting. Detailed summaries of component health and operation status, including data deduplication, replication, capacity utilization, and system performance allow users to make informed, proactive decisions about capacity planning, performance tuning, and troubleshooting.

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...Automating Backup Across Sites and Tiers

Distributed deduplication and life cycle policies with symantec’s openstorage

Quantum’s DXi-Series systems leverage data deduplication and combine with Symantec’s OpenStorage interface to allow Symantec customers to automate backup across multiple sites and multiple storage tiers, using Symantec Life Cycle Policies to manage all processes. Support for the OST API includes high-performance disk-to-disk backup and recovery, optimized replication (with concurrent optimized deduplication), support for Symantec AIR, direct disk-to-tape creation, optimized synthetic full backups, and distributed dedupe with DXi Accent, using Logical Storage Units (LSU) facilitated by the media server with work done by the DXi.

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